AMBOSS Qbanks Step 2 CK – 2019

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AMBOSS Qbanks Step 2CK 2019

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1General Principles of Foundationla Science27 Q&A
2Immune System48 Q&A
3Blood & Lymphoreticular Systems113 Q&A
4Nervous System & Special Senses258 Q&A
5Musculoskeletal System115 Q&A
6Cardiovascular System194 Q&A
7Respiratory System – Questions134  Q&A
8Gastrointestinal System212 Q&A
9Renal & Urinary Systems107 Q&A
10Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Puerperium146Q&A
11Female Reproductive System & Breast133 Q&A
12Male Reproductive System35 Q&A
13Endocrine System112 Q&A
14Multisystem Processes & Disorders160 Q&A
15Biostatistics & Epidemiology/Population Health50 Q&A
16Social Sciences19 Q&A
17Skin & Subcutaneous Tissue96 Q&A
18Behavioral Health140 Q&A

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