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CHEST Pulmonary Board Review On Demand 2023

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Access the full set of recordings from the 2023 Pulmonary Medicine Board Review course. Watch and listen as leading chest medicine experts show you how to solve case-based problems and give in-depth answers to common questions.

Increase your mastery of pulmonary medicine concepts to prepare for your ABIM certification exam, recertify, or expand your job knowledge. After completing this module, you’ll walk away with the skills needed to feel confident taking your exam and gain new clinical insights you can apply directly to your patient care.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to apply the following:

  • Describe the pathophysiology, clinical features, and treatment of common and uncommon pulmonary disorders.
  • Assess diagnostic and interpret radiographic, physiologic, and pathologic tests.
  • Apply clinical judgment skills to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with chest disease.


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1. Principles and Practice of Thoracic Ultrasound – Akshay Srikanth

2. Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure – Mangala Narasimhan

3. Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure – Mangala Narasimhan

4. Mechanical Ventilation – Mangala Narasimhan

5. Lung Cancer Part 1 – Gerard A. Silvestri

6. Lung Cancer Part 2 – Gerard A. Silvestri

7. Eosinophilic Lung Disease – Stephanie M. Levine

8. Pregnancy and Women’s Health in Pulmonary Medicine – Stephanie M. Levine

9. COPD – Sandhya Khurana

1. Tuberculosis and Latent TB Infection (LTBI) – Doreen Addrizzo-Harris

2. Non-CF Bronchiectasis and NTM Lung Disease – Doreen Addrizzo-Harris

3. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension – Deborah J. Levine

4. Lung Transplantation – Deborah J. Levine

5. Vasculitis and Alveolar Hemorrhage – Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba

6. Respiratory Physiology and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing – Darcy D. Marciniuk

7. CPET Case Studies – Darcy D. Marciniuk

8. Sleep Disorders Part 1 – Nancy A. Collop

9. Sleep Disorders Part 2 – Nancy A. Collop

1. Large Airway Disorders – Momen M. Wahidi

2. Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy – Momen M. Wahidi

3. Shock, Sepsis, and Hemodynamic Monitoring – Caroline Quill

4. Nonpulmonary Critical Care Pearls – Caroline Quill

5. Mediastinal and Other Neoplasms – Jay H. Ryu

6. Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases – Jay H. Ryu

7. Thoracic Radiology Part 1 – Rakesh D. Shah

8. Thoracic Radiology Cases – Rakesh D. Shah

9. Additional Radiology Cases and Questions – Rakesh D. Shah

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