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Doctor In Training Solid Anatomy

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This video series is designed to be a great complement to structured anatomy courses in medical school, but can also greatly enhance your learning as stand-alone videos for practicing physicians, residents, PA’s or nurses.


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The series is taught by professor John Phelan PhD, along with clinical correlations by DIT Educators Mike McInnis MD and Chris Lewis MD who combine to bring years of clinical and educational experience to the presentation of the material.

Each Solid Anatomy video contains great instruction, amazing images, a little wry humor, clear explanations of the anatomical structures and clinical correlations, which help tie in the information to everyday medical practice.

Product Description

Introduction (4 Videos)

Head and Neck ( 22 Videos)

Deep Back (3 Videos)

Upper Extremity ( 8 Videos)

Lower Extremity (5 Videos)

Thorax (6 Videos)

Pelvis (5 Videos)

Abdomen (6 Videos)


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