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Harvard Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine 2024

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Comprehensive Updates for State-of-the-Art Care: Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment, Procedures and Challenging Cases

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine will be held online this year, using live streaming, electronic Q&A, and other remote learning technologies. The 2024 program will be highly interactive, providing opportunities throughout the program to pose questions online to nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their respective areas of pulmonary and critical care medicine.


All sessions are led by master clinicians who deliver information in inspiring and entertaining ways, and provide specific recommendations to incorporate the latest updates into your practice. Education covers:

  • The most current guidelines for treating sepsis
  • Evidence-based treatment of ARDS
  • State of the art in interventional pulmonology
  • High-flow oxygen therapy for respiratory failure
  • Updates on biologics in asthma and other lung disease
  • New concepts in the use of vasopressors in septic shock
  • New drugs and combinations in pulmonary hypertension
  • New evidence on sedation, analgesia, and early mobility
  • Point-of-care pulmonary ultrasound in the intensive care unit
  • Lung microbiome: emerging implications for lung health
  • Emerging evidence for targeted temperature management
  • Evaluating occupational and environmental lung disease
  • Steroid-sparing agents for interstitial lung disease
  • Pulmonary embolus: the latest treatment strategies
  • State-of-the-art management of the critically ill patient
  • Guidance to conduct end-of-life discussions
  • Updates in pulmonary pathology
  • New treatment options in cystic fibrosis
  • Handling neurologic and surgical emergencies in the medical ICU
  • New approaches that improve outcomes for patients with unexplained chronic cough


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1. GERD in Pulmonology – David J. Kanarek, MD

2. Lung Transplantation 2024: Referral, Patient Selection, Lung Allocation, and COVID – Brian Keller, MD

3. New Approaches to the Unexplained Chronic Cough – Kai Saukkonen, MD

4. Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease – David Christiani, MD

5. Cystic Fibrosis: Understanding CFTR and New Treatment – Isabel Neuringer, MD

6. Beyond Cystic Fibrosis: Diagnosis and Management of Non-CF Bronchiectasis – Christopher Richards, MD

7. Pulmonary Pathology: Interstitial Lung Disease – Lida Hariri, MD, PhD

8. Diagnosis and Management of IPF: When, Why, and How to Use the Newest Drugs – Sydney Montesi, MD

9. Evolving Concepts in the Diagnosis and Management of Connective Tissue Disease-Associated ILD – Barry Shea, MD

10. Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis: Pigeons, Farmers, and Hot Tubs, Oh My! – Rachel Knipe, MD

11. Treatment Challenges of Pulmonary Sarcoidosis – Robert Hallowell, MD

12. Palliative Care in Advanced Lung Disease – Bethany-Rose Daubman, MD

1. ARDS: State-of-the-Art Strategies to Protect the Lung – Kathryn Hibbert, MD

2. Noninvasive Respiratory Support for Acute Respiratory Failure: Less May Not Be Best – Carolyn La Vita, MHA, RRT

3. Novel Ventilator Modes: The Hype and Reality – Carolyn La Vita, MHA, RRT

4. Fluid Responsiveness – David Ziehr, MD

5. Vasopressors in Septic Shock: Old Friends and New – Jason Griffith, MD, PhD

6. Point-of-Care Pulmonary Ultrasound in the Intensive Care Unit – Jonah Rubin, MD

7. The Legacy of COVID: A Clinical Approach to Post Acute Sequelae of COVID – Leo Ginns, MD

8. After the ICU: Post-ICU Care Syndrome and Recovery – George Alba, MD

9. Approach to Empiric Antibiotics in the ICU – Alyssa Letourneau, MD

10. Approach to the Immunocompromised Critically Ill Patient – Lisa Bebell, MD

11. Community-Acquired Pneumonia: The Newest Guidelines and State-of the-Art Treatment Strategies State-of the-Art Treatment Strategies – Joshua Metlay, MD, PhD

12. The Microbiome and Lung Disease – Peggy Lai, MD

1. Common Neurologic Issues in the ICU – Sahar Zafar, MD

2. From Ancient Egypt to Balanced Crystalloids: Medicine\u2019s Attempts to Manage Sepsis – Eric Schmidt, MD

3. Sedation, Analgesia and Early Mobility: The State of the Art in 2024 – Crystal North, MD, MPH

4. TTM and Neuroprognostication after Cardiac Arrest – David Greer, MD

5. Prognosis and Uncertainty in the ICU – Emily Rubin, MD

6. Surgical Emergencies in the Medical ICU – Noelle Saillant, MD

7. Thrombotic Mechanisms and Antithrombotic Agents: How Do the New Oral Agents Fit in 2024? – Rachel Rosovsky, MD, MPH

8. Pulmonary Embolism: An Update – Alison Witkin, MD

9. Pulmonary Hypertension: Categorization and Evaluation – Josanna Rodriguez-Lopez, MD

10. Pulmonary Hypertension: Management – Alexandra \u201cSasha\u201d Wong, MD

11. Vasculitis and ANCA – John Niles, MD

12. Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Disorders: Indications and Interpretation – C. Corey Hardin, MD, PhD

1. Pleural Disease: 2024 Updates – Fayez Kheir, MD, MSc

2. Interventional Pulmonology in 2024 – Erik Folch, MD

3. Interventional Bronchoscopy in COPD: Valves, Coils, and Beyond – Colleen Keyes, MD, MPH

4. Looking Deeper: Patterns and Insights from Chest Radiology – Amita Sharma, MBBS

5. A Strategic Approach to the Management of Pulmonary Nodules – Angela Frank, MD, MPH

6. Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Traditional Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, and Immunotherapies – Jaime Schneider, MD, PhD

7. COPD 2024 – Walter O’Donnell, MD

8. Asthma: Ensuring Your Treatment Approaches Are Current with the State of the Art – Jehan Alladina, MD

9. New Therapeutics in Lung Disease: The Age of Immunotherapy – Benjamin Medoff, MD

10. Aspergillus Lung Disease – Rod Rahimi, MD

11. Tuberculosis in 2024 – Maha Farhat, MD, MSc

12. Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Disease: Navigating the Labyrinth – Rocío Hurtado, MD, DTM&H

1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea – James Mojica, MD, FAASM

2. Complex Sleep Apnea 2024 – James Mojica, MD, FAASM

3. Sleep Diagnostics – Katherine Dudley, MD

4. Noninvasive Ventilation – Katherine Dudley, MD

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