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Ultrasound BachelorClass Pediatric

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The Pediatric Ultrasound BachelorClass is a 10-module introductory course that covers all of the primary applications of pediatric/emergency ultrasound. Participants begin their journey as they learn about the origins of pediatric ultrasound and the relevant physics that guide image acquisition. The buttons and functionality of the point-of-care ultrasound are examined, followed by an exploration of the various point-of-care diagnostic and procedural ultrasound applications relevant to a pediatric population. From trauma scans to bedside cardiac ultrasound, participants will be guided through the expanding field of pediatric ultrasound.  Lectures are packed with real-life cases, illustrative videos, and invaluable pearls/pitfalls and best practices.

Ultrasound BachelorClass PEDIATRIC

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Ultrasound BachelorClass Pediatric Topics


Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Ultrasound Physics

Chapter 3

Vascular access

Chapter 4

Trauma ultrasound

Chapter 5

Abdomen & retroperitoneum

Chapter 6

Appendicitis, Intussusception & Pyloric Stenosis

Chapter 7

Soft Tissue & Musculoskeletal

Chapter 8

Cardiac Ultrasound

Chapter 9

Pulmonary Ultrasound

Chapter 10

Critical Care Ultrasound
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