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Mayo Clinic Electrophysiology Board Review 2020

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The Electrophysiology Online Board Review course will provide the cardiologist and electrophysiologist with an overview of all aspects of cardiovascular electrophysiology. Experts in each field will give in-depth didactics on state-of-the-art subjects in electrophysiology and device therapy. In addition, updates on the latest knowledge and advances in electrophysiology are also integrated into the course for the practicing electrophysiologist wishing to review and update. The full spectrum of electrophysiology practice will be reviewed ranging from basic arrhythmia mechanisms and pharmacology to catheter diagnosis and therapy and device-based treatments. This includes topics reviewing maneuvers for arrhythmia diagnosis in the electrophysiology laboratory and ablation of atrial fibrillation.

* Date of Original Release: November 22-24, 2019

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to apply the following:

  • Describe basic physiology of myocardial excitability;
  • Differentiate electrophysiological mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis;
  • Recognize and synthesize the diagnostic and therapeutic approach for the channelopathy patient;
  • Formulate mapping and ablation approaches for standard and complex arrhythmias;
  • Preparation, recognition and avoidance of device and ablation complications;
  • Formulate management approaches for the distinct arrhythmia syndromes from congenital to myocarditis syndromes.


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1. Understanding Basic Arrhythmogenesis – William Stevenson, MD

2. SVT I: Accessory Pathway-Related Tachycardias – Samuel Asirvatham, MD

3. SVT II: AVNRT – Samuel Asirvatham, MD

4. Complex Cases of SVT – Gregory Michaud, MD

1. Entrainment and Catheter Ablation of VT in Structural Heart Disease – William Stevenson, MD

2. VT Complex Cases – Gregory Michaud, MD

3. Atrial Fibrillation: Concepts, Pathophysiology and Disease Associations – Ammar Killu, MBBS

4. AT and Atrial Flutter: Mapping and Ablation – William Stevenson, MD

5. Atrial Arrhythmia Cases – Malini Madhavan, MBBS

6. VT Syndromes – ARVD, Outflow Tract, BBR, ILV-VT – Siva Mulpuru, MD

7. Special Circumstances (Congenital, Pregnancy, Transplant, LVAD, Athletes, HCM and Sarcoid) – Robyn Bryde, Christopher McLeod, MB, ChB, PhD

1. Signal Processing, Interpretation and Ablation Biophysics – Christopher DeSimone, MD, PhD

2. Device Workshop – Guru Kowlgi, MBBS, MD, Siva Mulpuru, MD, Amit Noheria, MBBS

3. Pacemaker/CRT Troubleshooting – Amit Noheria, MBBS

4. Principles of ICD and CRT – Siva Mulpuru, MD

5. Device Extraction – Siva Mulpuru, MD

1. LAAO Implant – Mohamad Alkhouli, MD, Stephanie El Hajj, MD, Thomas Munger, MD

2. Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics and Clinical EP of Antiarrhythmic Drugs – Peter Noseworthy, MD

3. Ablation Complications (Case-Based) – Thomas Munger, MD

4. Clinical EP Basics: Electrogram Recording, Mapping, and Ablation Biophysics – John Miller, MD

5. Syncope – K. L. Venkatachalam, MD

6. Leadless Pacemaker – Yong Mei Cha, MD

7. Device Workshop II – Yong Mei Cha, MD, Malini Madhavan, MBBS

8. Understanding the Cardiac Action Potential of the Human Heart – Michael Ackerman, MD, PhD

9. Non-Ablative Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation – Christopher McLeod, MB, ChB, PhD

10. The Cardiac Channelopathies – Part 1 – Michael Ackerman, MD, PhD

11. The Cardiac Channelopathies – Part 2 – Michael Ackerman, MD, PhD

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