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Harvard Updates in General Internal Medicine for Specialists 2024

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Advances, Updates, Guidelines, and Best Practices in General Internal Medicine—Expressly for Specialists

In this unique program, Harvard Medical School’s leading clinical faculty, representing more than 30 fields of medicine and surgery, share updates and provide recommendations to ensure you are current with the recent advances in both general internal medicine and select specialties. General Internal Medicine for Specialists covers the clinical breadth of internal medicine and the working knowledge specialists need in order to understand the most important advances outside your field of expertise.

Whether you are a psychiatrist or pathologist, cardiologist or anesthesiologist, surgeon or hospitalist, you can rely on this program for updates and advances that impact day-to-day practice, clinical decisions, and patient care.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the basis for current treatment guidelines, diagnostic recommendations, and management strategies for diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, memory loss, opioid use, sleep disorders, stroke management, anemia, anticoagulant use, and many other specific conditions
  • Anticipate and manage potential adverse effects of therapies prescribed by other specialists
  • Assess the relative efficacy and cross-specialty implications of innovative biomodulator therapies
  • Implement treatment plans in specific, common clinical situations that cut across specialties, such as chronic pain, screening, health promotion
  • Design more effective clinical approaches based on the most recent literature supporting innovative interventions offered across a range of specialties
  • Assess the added value of newly offered diagnostic and screening tests
  • Recognize and implement current disease prevention and screening guidelines
  • Innovate your own clinical care based on a broader understanding of the management strategies and clinical decision-making of colleagues, including the rationale for specific modalities and medications
  • Apply new patient interaction skills
  • Address how your work and the work of your colleagues can have a more positive impact in the context of equity, inclusion, and unaddressed disparities
  • Employ treatments and interventions provided by primary care internal medicine and specialist physicians
  • Describe how climate change can affect health


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1. Chronic Ischemic Heart Disease: Treatment Choices in 2024 – Eric M. Isselbacher, MD

2. Review and Updates in Hypertension Management – Brian M. Mugo, MD

3. Updates in Stroke Prevention and Treatment – Mariel G. Kozberg, MD, PhD

4. Promoting Equity and Anti-Racism in Medicine – Aisha James, MD, MEd

5. Sciences of Learning – David Hirsh, MD

6. 2024 Heart Failure Update for Subspecialists – Akshay S. Desai, MD, MPH

7. Ophthalmology in Primary Care – Mina A. Farahani, MD, MS

8. Immune Checkpoint Inhibition and Monoclonal Antibodies: Implications on Clinical Practice – Sherin Rouhani, MD, PhD

1. Update in Renal Medicine – David J.R. Steele, MD

2. Diabetes: An Update for Sub-Specialists – David M. Nathan, MD

3. Update on Anticoagulants and Venous Thromboembolism – Rachel P. Rosovsky, MD

4. Hyperlipidemia 2024 – Scott Kinlay, MBBS, PhD

5. Frequently Asked Questions in Hematology: A Case-Based Approach – David B. Sykes, MD, PhD

6. Asthma – Nancy Lange-Vaidya, MD

7. Updates in Otolaryngology – Stacey T. Gray, MD and Dunia Abdul-Aziz, MD

8. Overview of Sleep Medicine – James E. Mojica, MD

1. Travel Medicine – James H. Maguire, MD

2. Common Outpatient Infections: Current Treatment Recommendations – Kristen M. Hysell, MD, MPH

3. Managing Obesity – Jane S. Sillman, MD

4. Updates in Addressing Headaches – Angeliki Vgontzas, MD

5. Diseases of the Foregut – Kyle D. Staller, MD, MPH

6. Atrial Fibrillation – E. Kevin Heist, MD

7. COPD 2024 – Walter O’Donnell, MD

8. New Practices for Managing Osteoporosis and Reducing Fractures – Sharon H. Chou, MD

1. Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Dementia: Update 2024 – Andrew E. Budson, MD

2. Update on Liver Diseases – Raymond T. Chung, MD

3. Breast Cancer: Current Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment – Barbara L. Smith, MD, PhD

4. Treating Tobacco Use: Practical Strategies and Current Controversies – Nancy A. Rigotti, MD

5. Updates in Dermatology: Medication and Therapeutic Updates – Alexandra P. Charrow, MD

6. Differential Dx of Polyarthritis – Robert P. Friday, MD

7. Updates in Allergy: What to Know in 2024 – Anna R. Wolfson, MD

8. Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Hand Pain: Diagnosis and Management – Thomas J. Gill, MD

1. Case Studies in Endocrinology – Caitlin Colling, MD

2. Case Studies of Common Thyroid Problems – Gilbert H. Daniels, MD

3. Disease Prevention and Health Promotion – Deborah Gomez Kwolek, MD

4. Women’s Health: Managing Menopause – Jane S. Sillman, MD

5. Low Back Pain Evaluation and Treatment Approaches – Dana H. Kotler, MD

6. Healthcare Delivery in the Face of Climate Change – Wynne Armand, MD

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